We offer the full range of translation and related services that you would expect from a communications partner of the third millennium. Our well developed project management process is the main driver of our continued success.


Over two thousand mother-tongue translators work both into and from most of the world's languages. Their technical knowledge is matched to clients' requirements for best 'fit' and fastest turnaround. We aim to provide the same translator for a client's projects over time.



For conferences/meetings/seminars/exhibitions. There will be occasions when you need to communicate face-to-face with speakers of other languages. The greatest impact of all can often be made 'in the flesh', with facial expression, tone of voice and all the body language we use. We can supply both interpreters and, for conference audiences, simultaneous translators. At Thames Translations International we have access to many of the best interpreters available today. These highly skilled and gifted individuals are in short supply, and their diaries are often committed many months ahead. It's never too early to plan and book for your interpreting requirements.

Telephone Interpreting

This is a new service that allows our clients instant access to 1600 professional interpreters worldwide, who are specifically trained to work over the telephone, able to rely on voice tone alone. This ensures that your message is understood, whatever the circumstance, in any location, any time of the day. Set up your account now so you are ready to react immediately whenever you need your words interpreted.

Project Management

More and more, clients are looking for a one-stop shop when it comes to translation services: they need total project management from briefing to delivery of the finished goods. This is our forte at Thames Translations. There are seven stages in our Project Management process. Take the example of the translation and typesetting of a sales brochure into five languages:

  1. Briefing by the client regarding: target market environment, product profile and design/creative constraints; setting of time scales; compilation of specialist glossary.
  2. Test translation in order to agree style.
  3. Translation by five native speakers of the target languages.
  4. Editing by other linguists - part of our quality control process - a strict scrutiny of punctuation, spelling and grammar.
  5. Typesetting and layout prepared in the format required by the client. Pass to graphic designers.
  6. Proofreading.
  7. Final revised version is passed to the client for sign off before being passed to the printers. We also handle printing, when required.


Our specialist typesetting services, provide translations back in ready to print format, using all of the industry standard design formats e.g. Quark Xpress, Illustrator, Page Maker, PDF etc. We work across Mac and PC platforms. So if you are not confident in setting foreign languages, or require setting in non-Roman fonts, or simply just need some extra capacity in your artwork department, why not give us a call.

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